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February 16, 2004


Stephen Waldee

I *believe that I may have achieved a visual sighting of McNeil's nebula in the Santa Cruz mountains south of San Jose, at 3400 feet altitude, on 19/20 December 2008, using a 10-inch scope (Bill Ferris also managed to do this with his 10-inch, in 2004): the nebula apparently bloomed into view again around August 2008, and has been imaged by amateurs. I cannot find any other current (24 Dec 08) posted visual observations, so I have written up my TENTATIVE one, and posted it here:

Steve Waldee
amateur astronomer, San Jose, CA.

Stephen Waldee

Unfortunately the long URL I just posted in my message (above) wrapped, and is invisible in its entirety. So, try this to get to my article & observing report on McNeil's nebula:

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